What if there’s a new way of looking at life? A fresh way of seeing the world and how our experience works?

What if everyone knew that external circumstances simply cannot be causing how we feel or think?

What if people got more curious and open to looking at life from a different perspective?

What if people knew that they were never broken and that there was no need to ‘fix’ themselves or others?

We are a group people who recently completed the Three Principles practitioner foundation training with Aaron Turner and the amazing faculty at One Thought.
This experience has phenomenally enhanced our understanding about the beautiful, and apparently sometimes messy, way that life works.

Drawing on the fact that when operating from a ‘busy’ mind and an innocent misunderstanding about our true nature, people will always look to the outside for a solution or a way to ‘fix’ something.

With a clearer understanding of where our experience actually comes from, we experience clarity of mind and a completely different experience whereby life naturally and effortlessly becomes richer, simpler and so much more peaceful.

We are not doctors, medical professionals or therapists. We are humans connecting with humans and exploring what ‘Being Human’ really means.

As our understanding deepens, we can see that there truly is no area of life that this understanding can’t help with. We meet up every week to have a fresh look at a different subject and explore the Three Principles.

If you have anything you’d like to take A Fresh Look At, then please let us know!

Our lives have been deeply impacted by this fresh look how the mind works. We offer free online coaching sessions to to help you find peace, innate well-being, inspiration, stress relief, happiness. Get in touch!

We will also be running regular evening groups (online to start with!) to get together with those interested in asking questions and talking about what they are hearing or uncovering for themselves so please do look out for those.

Interested? Please let us know what day/time would work best for you.

If you are curious to learn more about the understanding we are talking about, here are fantastic resources we love.