A Fresh Look At Being Playful With Our Everyday Experience

A conversation about how, when we understand where our experience is coming from, it makes it so much easier and actually quite helpful to look at life as a ‘game’ – not a winning/losing type game but rather a playful, light, I wonder what happens if…. type of game. And with this comes a lightness of experience and overall so much more fun and happiness!

What If We Didn’t Take Our Thoughts and Feelings Quite So Seriously…

Just how closely are thoughts and feelings connected and what can we really trust? What is helpful to pay attention to and do we ever ‘make things up’? These are some of the gems we touched upon in this weeks chat.

This conversation is based around the underlying ‘philosophy’ of the 3 principles of mind, consciousness and thought and we are a group of friends who completed the One Thought Practitioner Foundations training together.

A Fresh Look At Change

In this chat we look at what is going on with change… like how do some people find it easy to lose weight and exercise while others get stuck and make no progress at all?

What was fun during this conversation was seeing how it all points to the same understanding of how the mind works…. when we are in a clearer state of mind, it’s easier and makes more sense to go with what comes up for us but when we’re in a low, cluttered and busy state of mind, our thinking completely clouds things up and the way forward looks murky and uncomfortable! Knowing that is what is at play, makes it easier to trust what comes through when we’re clear.

Also, what we really want to point out is that if you are listening to us and it seems to make no sense, please don’t try to figure out what we’re saying necessarily through words. What we’re pointing to is a feeling and that’s really hard to describe! Hopefully as you’re listening though, we spark something in you that resonates and recognise the feeling we’re pointing to and that is what will make all the difference!

Much love xx

How Is It Possible To Have A Physical Reaction To Our Thoughts?

In this chat we talk about how it’s possible that when we think something, we get a full – blown physical reaction in our body. Why and how does this happen and is there any time when our outside experience causes us to feel something or is it always coming from inside us?