A Fresh Look At… Individual Difference and Conflict

Starting with the example of food, we chatted about differences of opinion. From there, we spoke about conflict more broadly and how it always arises from beliefs butting up against each other (whether that’s internally or with others). This led us on to the way in which every thought is accompanied by a feeling, and how the feeling is therefore a clue to our clarity of mind.

The second half of the conversation was a fascinating (and super helpful) discussion around noticing our feelings, and how that can be an invitation to be curious about our thinking in the moment. As ever, we got fascinated with the human potential to have a fresh experience. Sally summed up this part of the discussion beautifully by comparing the lovely, open feeling of possibility to the constricted, closed down, conflicted feeling that comes when we’re caught up in our thinking and efforting to resist or change it.

A Fresh Look At ….. Our Human Experience

This is one of my (Clare) favourite Fresh Look At conversations to date. We began by revisiting thought and ended up wondering about whether we can ever be objective, which led us to consider the infinite levels of experience open to human beings. On the way, we took in the tooth fairy, a lost dog, and Sandrine’s ‘spider in the room’ theory. It really was a brilliant conversation. I hope you get as much from it as we did.