A fresh look at riding out life’s ups and downs

This week life had thrown a few rocks in our paths (work conundrums, the prospect of a local lockdown, a boat accident, and dropping a phone in the sea, to name a few). We spoke about how reassuring it is to know that creative potential (a new experience of the same circumstance) is with us all of the time, even when we might feel distanced from it in the moment.

We went on to talk about ‘being in life’ or ‘letting life happen’ and how, when we’re ‘in’ life, rather than in our heads thinking about life, more often than not we know the next step to take. We also reflected on the way the Three Principles understanding is incremental—we see more by being in life and noticing what happens as we go through the natural cycles of getting caught up in our thinking, dropping thinking, and so on.

This led to some fun moments of clarity around the difference between focusing on what we want versus focusing on what is, and how, given that we are always experiencing whatever it is we’re paying attention to in each moment, a fresh experience is literally only ever a single thought away.

If you’re curious about the practitioners mentioned in this conversation, they were: Bill Pettit, Elsie Spittle, and Linda Pransky.

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