A Fresh Look At Separate Realities and Why Some Conversations Seem Harder to Have Than Others

This conversation was potentially an awkward one, but one that we felt to be important. We explored how we are all, always living in our own separate realities and when we don’t know this, it is easy to innocently react and respond to situations and experiences in ways that are perhaps not in line with what we would choose if we knew that there was another way to look at things.

Please note that these conversations are always coming from our own experiences, interpretations and attempts to take a fresh look at things and no offence is ever meant. We welcome conversation and comments from you and thanks for watching xx

Some words from Bron shared on her social media:

So it’s been a while since I’ve shared anything in here. With the recent things going on in America following the horrific killing of George Floyd, I was left reeling a bit with the very loud focus on the fact that he was black and that Black Lives Matter.

Having experienced the very opposite with my brother, Jeremy Brooke, being a white man deliberately and brutally killed by black men, it seemed crazy to me that we are still focusing more on colour than on the actual fact that the value of life was clearly so non – existent in both cases. In my head, surely ALL lives matter and in focusing on colour, we are still perpetuating the differences, instead of looking to our shared humanity which is obviously the ultimate aim and goal for the vast majority of us?

After some settling down and being open to learning and understanding more about what is actually being said, vs what I think is being said, my experience is now different and I have more understanding and compassion for what other people are going through at the moment.

It has been astounding to me the pressure I am seeing in online circles for people to speak up and then the backlash and shaming that is happening when they don’t do it the way that some feel they should be. While it is of course important for us all to educate ourselves and to make changes in ways that help, forcing our views on others and judging people for not behaving in ways that we think they should, does not lend itself well to change. In my experience, it often leads to the complete opposite with defensiveness, fear and insecurity – things that never bring out the best in anyone.

“Everyone is doing the best they can given the thinking that looks real to them” – Sydney Banks

We all have our part to play in making this world a better, safer place for everyone for sure – no doubts that change is needed – and coming from a place of connection, compassion and curiosity is a much better place to start than fear of being judged which will only lead to more silence.

All my love,

Bron xx

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