A fresh look at…choices

Sandrine kicked off today’s conversation with a great example of the choices we begin to see when we get an inkling around where our experience is coming from. In a potential work drama, she spotted the option for non-drama and took it … then we pondered if not going into the drama makes life boring. We moved on to talk about the simplicity of doing the next thing that’s in front of you and the difference between the superficial connection that comes from swapping drama stories or gossip, and the deeper connection that’s available to all of us all of the time.

In essence, today’s call was about the difference in experience when you can spot the role thought is playing and when you can’t. Other examples were about self worth, uncertainty, and a thing we called participation energy. We finished up reflecting on how unbelievably grateful we are to have been introduced to this understanding and with Frank reading a beautiful poem called Coming Home by Sue Pettit.

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