A Fresh Look At Mental Health – where we started

What does mental health actually mean?

What if mental well – being is innate in us all….

What if I made up I was shy ….

How we experience life…

Exploring the role that labels play in our experience of mental health

What if our thinking is what matters and not our circumstances…..

Wisdom from an Enlightened Gardener

Understanding how my mind works enables me to use it better….

What if we didn’t have to ‘DO’ anything to make ourselves feel happier….

What if making big decisions didn’t have to be so difficult….

What if peace of mind was not something we need to go and get…

What if everything was so much simpler than we think?

What if understanding and exploring the ‘system’ really does change our wee-being and mental health…

What if we did not take our labels so seriously….

How come some areas of life feel so easy and others feel so difficult…

A Fresh Look at separate realities and why some conversations seem harder to have than others

What if we didn’t hold so tightly to our rules and assumptions….