A Fresh Look At Integrity

In this weeks conversation, Bron poses a questions about integrity and the role of beliefs and values in our lives. These conversations are a way for us to explore our understanding of the 3 principles of mind, consciousness and thought and, as always, they are done with us in our varying levels of clarity! We hope that by sharing how we see things and through our exploration, it helps others with theirs and maybe opens opens up some space for you to have your own personal insights that are helpful xx

A Fresh Look At Being Playful With Our Everyday Experience

A conversation about how, when we understand where our experience is coming from, it makes it so much easier and actually quite helpful to look at life as a ‘game’ – not a winning/losing type game but rather a playful, light, I wonder what happens if…. type of game. And with this comes a lightness of experience and overall so much more fun and happiness!

What If We Didn’t Take Our Thoughts and Feelings Quite So Seriously…

Just how closely are thoughts and feelings connected and what can we really trust? What is helpful to pay attention to and do we ever ‘make things up’? These are some of the gems we touched upon in this weeks chat.

This conversation is based around the underlying ‘philosophy’ of the 3 principles of mind, consciousness and thought and we are a group of friends who completed the One Thought Practitioner Foundations training together.

A Fresh Look At Change

In this chat we look at what is going on with change… like how do some people find it easy to lose weight and exercise while others get stuck and make no progress at all?

What was fun during this conversation was seeing how it all points to the same understanding of how the mind works…. when we are in a clearer state of mind, it’s easier and makes more sense to go with what comes up for us but when we’re in a low, cluttered and busy state of mind, our thinking completely clouds things up and the way forward looks murky and uncomfortable! Knowing that is what is at play, makes it easier to trust what comes through when we’re clear.

Also, what we really want to point out is that if you are listening to us and it seems to make no sense, please don’t try to figure out what we’re saying necessarily through words. What we’re pointing to is a feeling and that’s really hard to describe! Hopefully as you’re listening though, we spark something in you that resonates and recognise the feeling we’re pointing to and that is what will make all the difference!

Much love xx

How Is It Possible To Have A Physical Reaction To Our Thoughts?

In this chat we talk about how it’s possible that when we think something, we get a full – blown physical reaction in our body. Why and how does this happen and is there any time when our outside experience causes us to feel something or is it always coming from inside us?

What if people, including our children, don’t actually need fixing ….

In this chat we talked about how conditioned we are to see ourselves and others as having serious problems that need ‘fixing’. In getting caught up in this, we miss the chance to see other possibilities. There’s a lightness and relief in knowing that we are never broken and there are some beautiful examples shared in this conversation xx

A Fresh Look At Wisdom

So this was quite an interesting one. If you are very new to the 3 Principles or what we are talking about then it could be a little confusing if you try to listen and try to figure out what we’re saying. If you’re able to listen and if you get a nice warm feeling, then that’s perfect – that’s what we’re pointing to! If you don’t then don’t worry – keep listening to other conversations though please – looking in this direction is invaluable!

Franks closing comment is pure gold too so worth listening through for that! Or at least fast forward to it before you completely abandon the call! xx

A fresh look at thinking

Since realising that I spend almost every moment of my day caught up in thought, I’ve been noticing how busy my mind is all the time. Like ALL the time. Non- stop. Witter witter witter. Most of the time I don’t even hear it because it’s so constant. Like the hum of my computer I can hear now that I’m aware of it, or the tick of the clock. Always there, but never usually something to pay attention to. Until I do. Every minute or so, a thought announces itself like my kids do whenever they want something!

“Pay me some attention! Give me food! Why are you so tired! When are you going to get yourself together! Why are you so lazy! Remember to call your mother.” On and on and on.  Often my thinking comes with a feeling. Right now the feeling is tired and fed up.  Literally as I’m typing this the thought flashes through that my kids are in the next room and how lucky I am that I could go give them a cuddle any minute and I feel a smile on my lips and a skip in my heart.

I have a long – standing problem that needs solving. (Just one of a few!) Typically, my way of thinking is that I need to DO something to solve this problem. Think through different options. List pros and cons. Get other people’s opinions. Maybe I could change my thinking about it, make it more positive or reframe it? I go round and round in circles – in some cases for years and never get anywhere. Even with all the thinking, the problem is still there so clearly I’ve never figured out the solution!

Then something happens, for example, I lose my car keys. Like properly lose them. I’ve searched through every sofa cushion, counter top, easily accessible drawers, floor space and still, they don’t turn up. I cannot for the life of me figure out where to look next. I stop to carry on getting the kids ready – I know the keys are in the house somewhere so they’ll turn up sometime and, in the meantime, if I have to, I’m pretty sure I know where the spare is. Suddenly, in the space that’s created when I stop trying to figure it out, a fresh thought pops in and I remember exactly where they are – in someone’s bag after we went for a walk yesterday and I didn’t take them out!

We see things in a fresh way when our minds get empty for a moment. Just a moment is all it takes. The answers are always there waiting to come in only we tend to keep such a hold on our thinking that we can’t see new thoughts. We innocently attach ourselves to certain thoughts and patterns of thinking and feeling that we get stuck, like what I’m doing in trying to solve my ‘problem’.

Fresh thinking comes in with a lightness and an ease that doesn’t feel the same as when we’re working hard to figure it out. It’s the feeling you get when ‘inspiration’ strikes – often when you’re completely relaxed and not in ‘problem – solving’ mode. Like when you’re in the shower, on holiday or exercising.

Fresh thinking comes as an insight – a totally new thought that pops up from nowhere.  

We all have access to this and it can be tempting to try and figure out how to get to this space so that we can have more fresh thoughts and insights but, like a sponge, the more you fill it up with water, the less space there is for new water. Knowing that our thoughts, all thoughts, will pass through like water through a sponge, without us having to do anything, means that we are more likely to allow fresh thoughts in and open ourselves up to a whole new way of seeing something.

A fresh look at mistakes!

A fresh look at making mistakes!

On Saturday, Frank, Lucy, Sandrine, Shazia, Clare and I had a really wonderful conversation for you all….. and then something went wrong with the recording and I lost it!

To say I was gutted is an understatement. I couldn’t believe it – I’ve done so many of these and never lost them but even more so I was annoyed because I’d had a random thought starting the session that I should check with Frank that I was doing this the best way – he is my go to man on these things!

Anyway, I ignored this insight and paid the price lol. What was interesting is that it was so quick for me to dramatize things and to feel guilt around what I thought the others would feel and think – totally made up! In fact, they couldn’t have been sweeter and Clare pointed out that in entrepreneurship it’s a practically a rite of passage that you mess up a recording!

So, sorry there was no video this week! We will be back next week.

I have also had some great chats about moving this site forwards. Funnily enough, there is no complete plan just rather some breadcrumbs to follow and we are all in agreement that following the fun and wisdom inspired ideas is the way forwards. We have some exciting opportunities coming up and will keep you posted.

In the meantime, if you have any feedback or comments, questions or things you’d like to contribute to then please send me a message and let me know 😊 xx bron