A Fresh Look At Integrity

In this weeks conversation, Bron poses a questions about integrity and the role of beliefs and values in our lives. These conversations are a way for us to explore our understanding of the 3 principles of mind, consciousness and thought and, as always, they are done with us in our varying levels of clarity! We hope that by sharing how we see things and through our exploration, it helps others with theirs and maybe opens opens up some space for you to have your own personal insights that are helpful xx

A Fresh Look At Being Playful With Our Everyday Experience

A conversation about how, when we understand where our experience is coming from, it makes it so much easier and actually quite helpful to look at life as a ‘game’ – not a winning/losing type game but rather a playful, light, I wonder what happens if…. type of game. And with this comes a lightness of experience and overall so much more fun and happiness!

What If We Didn’t Take Our Thoughts and Feelings Quite So Seriously…

Just how closely are thoughts and feelings connected and what can we really trust? What is helpful to pay attention to and do we ever ‘make things up’? These are some of the gems we touched upon in this weeks chat.

This conversation is based around the underlying ‘philosophy’ of the 3 principles of mind, consciousness and thought and we are a group of friends who completed the One Thought Practitioner Foundations training together.

A Fresh Look At Wisdom

So this was quite an interesting one. If you are very new to the 3 Principles or what we are talking about then it could be a little confusing if you try to listen and try to figure out what we’re saying. If you’re able to listen and if you get a nice warm feeling, then that’s perfect – that’s what we’re pointing to! If you don’t then don’t worry – keep listening to other conversations though please – looking in this direction is invaluable!

Franks closing comment is pure gold too so worth listening through for that! Or at least fast forward to it before you completely abandon the call! xx