What if mental well-being is innate in us all…

Founded by the wonderful Jacqueline Hollows, Beyond Recovery is a fast growing social enterprise making a proven difference to people with repeat offending behaviour, complex mental health issues and drug and alcohol problems who are involved in the criminal justice system.

The Wisdom Entrepreneurs podcast is a gorgeous listen for all and welcome to anyone who would like to participate. Bron was honoured to be invited during Mental Health Awareness week for this powerful conversation

In this special episode  to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week Alan, Derrick and the wisdom entrepreneurs discuss what mental health means to them. They explore the notion that mental wellbeing is something that is innate in us all, but we often look elsewhere for answers.  In truth, mental wellbeing always resides in us all, and no matter where or who we are, we are only ever one thought away from it. 

Listen here ……

How come some areas of life are easy and others feel so difficult….

This conversation was revelatory for me (Bron) – how can it be that people find aspects of life so different? The examples we discussed here included food/eating, work, money and parenting and how it is that in some areas we struggle whereas other areas are effortless. Please leave a comment below if this sparks anything in you xx

What if we did not take our labels so seriously

This snippet explores how labels and personality traits are not as permanent as we think they are and how labelling ourselves and others can be limiting.

Following watching this clip, Sandrine shared her insights…

You know Bron, when at the end you say that let’s work on strategies to overcome your shyness, or your depression, or your anxiety….and that this does not always work and you feel bad for it… 

While listening to this it occurred to me that these are likely not to work since they make you look even more in the direction of shyness or depression. It makes you question, oh do I still feel shy now? Do I still feel depressed? Oh here you go, depressed thoughts coming back straight away… 

Where if you look more at the moments when you are not shy, when you are not depressed, (despite the fact that you believe you are always shy and depressed when you are caught in the middle of it) then your mind starts focusing on these other moments. Thank you, that was very cool to realise that.

What if understanding and exploring the ‘system’ really does change our well – being & mental health….

In this final conversation for Mental Health Awareness Week 2020, we explored more deeply how understanding how the system (of being human) works, everything in our experience of life is open to change. And we reflected on how it’s impossible to describe. The best we can do is point in the direction of the innate health and well – being inside us all.

What if everything was so much simpler than we think?

In this conversation we talked about where our answers and solutions actually come from. When we understand that the feeling we are in can be the best way to finding solutions for the problems we face, it takes so much pressure off of ourselves and gives space for new thoughts and experiences to come through.

What if making big decisions didn’t have to be so difficult…

Shazia is exploring the decision making topic today and ask what if big decision did have to be hard work and come out of a painful process. She shares what is the space between thoughts. I let Shazia talk you through this but you might have already guessed what it was!

Thank you for sharing Shazia.