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We are not doctors, medical professionals or therapists. We are humans connecting with humans and exploring what ‘Being Human’ really means.

We have all been so impacted by what we have seen for ourselves and in our own lives that we wanted a way to share this with others who may too be suffering and struggling to know where to look next.

Most of my life I was trying to work out how to be happy. I was on this life long quest to build a better me. Ironically the more I tried the more hopeless I ended up feeling. It no longer looks that way to me. Understanding this has dramatically shifted the way I experience life in a way I didn’t think was possible. Now I want to share it.

I used to think that to achieve more, I needed to work harder and longer. That to get rid of my fears and anxieties, I needed to learn tools and techniques to manage them. This understanding has completely shifted how I walk through life. I feel more connected. My relationships have improved. Life no longer feels like a challenge that I have to ‘work out’, and big decisions don’t feel so heavy.

From working with clients, I have come to realise that anyone can drastically improve their experience of life, through this surprisingly simple (but largely overlooked) shift in understanding.


“I would never have classed myself as someone who needed to talk to a professional in a coaching scenario. Shazia made me feel very much at ease, I was comfortable to chat through areas in my life that I was finding stressful. The shift in how I was thinking about these aspects was remarkable. I gained a great insight into how I can manage thoughts and potential stressful situations in the future. The whole experience was uplifting and enlightening.”

“Before working with Shazia I was extremely anxious and in a destructive pattern of thought that I was struggling to get out of. She helped me understand where the thoughts were coming from, but also rationalise and make sense of them. She is very calm, understanding and caring – all of which made me feel really comfortable when talking to her. Ultimately after just a few conversations I was able to rationalise and minimise the worry which made me feel a lot better. I really enjoyed working with her!”
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When I first came across this understanding, my overriding feeling was relief. Here, finally, and after lengthy detours into both academia and self improvement, was something that made life make sense. Not only that, but it encouraged me to trust the intuitive knowing I had always felt but had learned to ignore. It almost seemed too good to be true. It wasn’t.

I love the potential the principles points to; that in any moment we can have a fresh experience, the only requirement is curiosity. All of us here have had lasting shifts in the way we experience life. If that seems interesting to you, please do get in touch.
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