What does Mental Health actually mean?

With it being Mental Health Awareness Week this week, Bron, Lucy and Sally are kicking off A Fresh Look at Mental Heath by talking about what mental health looks like now that we have a clearer understanding of where our experience comes from.

A beautiful conversation full of feeling and relevance to the current lockdown situation we all find ourselves in.

Thanks for being here and please leave us a comment with any insights or thoughts of your own xx

2 thoughts on “What does Mental Health actually mean?

  1. Hello ladies, and a special hello to the lovely Bronwen. I loved the video and it has started a chain reaction in my brain of many things I need to think about for myself. I shall listening again to this one and future ones. Ruth

    1. Hi Ruth!! so good to hear from you xx It’s such a wonderful conversation and the opportunity for change is limitless. Please stick around and if you’re able to, come and join us online one evening for our chats . lots of love to you and yours, bron x

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